HBO Henrietta Lacks

Character designs and art direction for the rollout of Oprah's HBO film "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks." I worked with a team of artists at Mixtape Club to create three supplemental animations highlighting Lacks's contribution to modern medicine. Inspired by the artwork of Jacob Lawrence.

Directed by Mixtape Club
Executive Creative Director: Chris Lenox Smith
Creative Director: Andrew Zimbelman
Executive Producer: Jesse Casey
Producer: Eddy Vallante
Head of Production: John Holt
Art Directors: Tavet Gillson, Andrew Zimbelman
Designers: Andrew Zimbelman, Tavet Gillson, Dana Wulfekotte
Animation: Andrew Zimbelman, Dana Wulfekotte, Tavet Gillson, Blake Patrick, Mary Varn, Max Millermaier, David Jouppi
Music: Mixtape Club